…Three Layers To Fabulous

So you’re probably wondering: what makes SHEER truly “magic”…? The answer to that is the patented, revolutionary, three-layer lining that’s hidden – within the dress!

It’s kind of like we took the most amazing and effective shapewear pieces, made them thinner, more comfortable, and then integrated them right into the dress – making them invisible from the outside.


Here’s a breakdown of what those three layers are, and what they’re going to do for your body:

A.K.A “The Silky Tummy Smoother”

Imagine slathering coconut oil all over your body. Now imagine a fabric that mimics the same velvety feel – that’s what this layer is all about.

This luxuriously soft and smooth inner layer panel is made of Sheer satin – which is pretty much the fabric version of butter on your skin… mmmmm, that feels nice….

Flawlessly stitched onto the inner middle layer of the dress, using our ‘can’t-find-a-seam’™ technology, meaning the seam is nearly invisible. Aside from feeling insanely good, this satin panel will keep your tummy extra flat and bulge-free.

A.K.A. “The Dual-Action Duo”

This dual-action layer is comprised of two distinctive pieces, seamlessly linked together:

  • (TOP) “The Bosom-Booster” – A bust-enhancing bra made of soft, lightweight, Jersey fabric that shapes and supports your natural curves without compressing your body. We don’t want to flatten you out – because let’s be real: boobs are awesome, no matter what shape or size they come in!
  • (BOTTOM) “The Shaper (on steroids)” – Our signature super-shaping Sheer Power® liner is made from a unique tricot blend – a fabric that is notorious for it’s wicking and breathability, which helps you stay cool, dry, and odor free. This magic liner is sleek, but insanely strong and will give you a contoured abdomen without all the “bulk” of traditional undergarments. It’s your secret weapon to hiding cellulite, lumps, and bumps. Added bonus: it’s unique white color will keep you cool, calm, and collected – even when things get a little hot. :)

A.K.A. “The Super-Sexy BombSHELL”

This is what “seals” the deal, ladies. Our outer shell is a dress comprised of rich Italian-inspired ponte fabric, which is known for its sexy smoothing capabilities. (And let’s face it, Italians DO do it better.)

This layer will hold your body firmly in place and hide a little “excess baggage” – without clinging to you (like that one annoyingly needy boyfriend… #goodbye).

This is pretty much the Bentley of wrapping paper – for your body, that is.

But don't take our word for it - just see for yourself:

BEFORE: In this picture, our model Chrysa is wearing a traditional shaping garment underneath a standard black dress. As you can see, while the shaping undergarment smoothed out certain parts of Chrysa’s beautiful figure, it also created bulges, digs, and rolls in others.

AFTER: Here, Chrysa is wearing our SHEER Classic dress – with nothing on underneath (yep, full-on commando)! As you can see, our built-in shaping liners have smoothed Chrysa’s silhouette giving her that sleek, slim, bulge-free look.

Thanks to SHEER, shapewear is so last season.

Whether it’s a corset, cincher, body shaper, or compression garment – you’ve probably worn some sort of shaping piece at least ONCE in your life – right?

Turns out, majority of women have.

But the question is, do we actually want to wear them… ?

Hell no – and there’s plenty of good reasons why not:

1. Shapers add extra layers. If we’re trying to streamline our silhouette, why on earth do we add EXTRA bulk underneath…?

2. They’re uncomfortable. Since when did going out in a sexy outfit mean sacrificing on actually being able to breath?

3. They’re embarrassing. They’re a dirty little lie we want to hide from the outside world. Because NO ONE wants to be caught like this…


Shapewear just sucks. Period.

Wouldn’t it be nice to slip on a dress by itself – without layering some restrictive, embarrassing undergarment underneath? And wouldn’t it be even better if that “magic” dress gave you the same toned, smooth silhouette you would expect from a traditional shaping piece…?


The SHEER dress was designed to enhance your natural curves and comfortably streamline your silhouette so you can look and feel your best.

No. Shapewear. Necessary.

Take a look at all the amazing body benefits you get from just one SHEER dress…

Sheer Infographics

No matter which style you choose, here’s just a few reasons we know you’re going to love SHEER:

1. This dress is CONVENIENT. It’s one of the first all-in-one solutions to combine stylish clothing and the benefits of shapewear together.

2. This dress is INNOVATIVE. It’s three-layer, patent-pending shaping technology slims and shapes your body discreetly. We use a seamless stitching technique that conceals the shaping liner within the garment – meaning no one will be able to tell that it’s even there!

3. This dress is COMFORTABLE. Unlike with most shapewear, you can actually breathe in a SHEER dress. Dancing, walking, running…you can do it all – there’s no restrictions here. Heck, you can even pop a squat if you so choose – we dare you!;)

4. This dress gives you CONFIDENCE. You don’t have to be cautious of someone catching a glimpse of your unsightly compression garment, or worry about some constricting shaping piece creating a muffin top, rolls, body bulk, etc.

5. This dress is VERSATILE. It’s the perfect balance between classy and sexy. You can dress it up for a night out with the girls, or dress it down for that business-casual vibe at your office. Whatever you do, your SHEER dress can take on virtually anything life may throw your way. :)

Ready to experience the SHEER magic yourself? It’s easy – just follow these steps to slip on your SHEER dress…


It’s as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

Sheer Steps

1. Step into your SHEER dress. The compression layers built into the dress make stepping in a far better option than pulling it over your head :)

2. Pull your dress up .

3. Adjust as necessary.

…and Voilà!