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SHEER is a brand that creates empowered products for every woman™. Our current collection of innovative little black dresses is designed to shape, lift, and support every body — without excess materials that pinch or dig. Where luxe meets innovation, our sculpting dresses are made with our Sheer Sculpting Solution™ — the first three-layer patented solution to combine luxury apparel, compression wear, & sustainable materials — all into one garment.




SHEER was born out of our founder, Sheer Sebag’s own struggles with her body image. After years of searching for the best feel good products — frustrated by the lack of comfort and options available — Sheer left behind a corporate career to pursue her passion for fashion and technology — and dedicate herself to making innovative products that empower women.




Sustainability and caring for our world are important to us.

At Sheer, we’re working with partners who also care. We are proud to say that our signature shaping fabric is Made in the USA by a supplier who is ISO-2015-9001 quality certified and create Zero Landfill! All of their waste is converted to energy. They also make sure the “day to day” running of the mill focuses on energy saving and sustainability by using low-flow dye machines and installing automatic lighting shut off throughout the facility. In addition, our signature outerwear fabric is Bluesign Certified.  

So, what does all this mean?

Why is  ISO-2015-9001 important?

ISO-2015-9001 lets us know that our partners follow robust quality management requirements, process standards, and continuous improvement. This means efficiency which can reduce waste while maintaining quality standards.

What does Bluesign Certified mean?

Our supplier works with Bluesign who monitors the complex journey of materials from factory to final product. The Bluesign team is involved in every step of the supply chain focusing on areas such as chemical use, manufacturing processes and efficiency. They also review occupational health and safety as well as water and air emissions for pollution control. Bluesign also ensures that toxic chemicals harmful to wearers are not used in the textiles.

SHEER is sustainable all around. We’ve designed our signature styles to suit any occasion – can be dressed up or down. There is no need to over consume and purchase multiple garments, one Sheer dress provides the benefits of several garments in one piece; bra, shaping undergarment, and dress. Buy Sheer, reduce consumption and enjoy the benefits of a revolutionary, timeless, all in one piece, wardrobe essential, that can be worn for any occasion.