The SHEER Truth

A few years ago, you would’ve looked at me and thought I was the image of success…

On the outside, it looked like I was at the top of my game. I was in my mid-twenties and killing it – I had the dream job and the six-figure salary. And of course I had all the trappings, too. The Mercedes-Benz. The Beverly Hills Apartment. And the Platinum AMEX card.

Yeah, I looked really successful and happy on the outside. But on the inside, things couldn’t have been more different.

I felt unfulfilled in my career, unappreciated, and overloaded by the daily stress and pressure to meet ridiculous success metrics, company goals, and project deadlines. Worst of all, I was stuck under the “glass ceiling” in a male-dominated industry. All this stress and unhappiness caused me to gain weight, eat poorly, and develop an eating disorder. I hated my body and the way I felt, and I was severely depressed.

But wait, there’s more…

I really hit my rock bottom when a man whom I cared for deeply broke my heart and ended our relationship abruptly.

Thing is, I thought he was going to save me. But he didn’t – SHEER did.

My world was falling apart, and worst of all, I had a big fabulous event to attend the next day. I can remember desperately looking for an outfit that would mask all the weight I was carrying – both on my mind and body.

After turning my closet inside-out, finding nothing to wear, and hating my body even more – I cancelled. I missed out on something simply because I hated the way I felt and what I saw in the mirror. I stared at my reflection and wished there was a “magic dress” I could put on that would solve all my problems.

But there wasn’t.

That’s when I had my “ah ha!” moment: I needed to create that “magic dress” myself – literally. So I followed my gut – and just one week later, on Thanksgiving day, I found myself sitting down to write my business plan. I left my fancy high-paying job, sold my car, gave my apartment building 30-days notice, and moved back in with my parents. Thankfully, they took me in – but don’t be fooled, they gave me no breaks. Rent was still paid, every single month – (only now at a negotiated 80% discount)!

And so SHEER was born (in my parents garage, of all places).

I spent the last two years putting ALL I have into SHEER – seriously. Spent my entire life’s savings, maxed out my credit cards, and parted ways with a few of my favorite handbags (don’t worry – they were gifts from my exes…a.k.a. 100% profit).

Two years of blood, sweat, tears, AND prototyping later, and our very first, patent-pending “magic” dress debuted.

On the outside, you may look and see just a “dress” – but if I’m living proof of anything, it’s that our outer appearance often hides so much more that’s within. And this dress is no different. It’s so much more than just a piece of clothing: it’s a tool that combats self-hate, promotes inner confidence, and provides women with hope – no matter what size, shape, or body type. It’s your very own “magic dress.” It’s like your body’s best friend – you can always count on SHEER to help you look and feel your best.

Whether you’re playing mommy, boss lady, or dancing queen, SHEER helps us embrace who we are and love ourselves. That’s why I’m so excited to share the SHEER magic with you.


Sheer Sebag

Founder & CEO

P.S. – To the man who broke my heart…eat your heart out.